The Copa del Rey MAPFRE will be celebrated for the 36th time in 2017 and will be the biggest one in history after the historic high in 2015, this year we will welcome 136 teams. They come from 24 different countries, which will create an exciting international feel. Amongst the countries will be represented the United States, Rusia, Peru, Turkey, Sweden and Monaco. During earlier editions of the regata, until 2014 we had the honour of king Juan Carlos I to participate on the “Bribón” with José Cusí as captain. Nowadays he joins the event from the spectator side to watch his son Felipe VI who participates as reigning king now, honouring the name of the regata.

Amongst a great variety, the following categories will participate at the competition: GC32, Maxi 72, ORC-1, ORC-2, IRC 1, GC32, X-35, J80 or Swan 45s.

If you do not want to miss one of the most important events during the summer in Mallorca, you have various options. If you are lucky enough to have a boat, you can watch the races from the water, if you prefer to have your feet on the ground, there are various events to join in and be part of the event:

  • 28th & 29th July – Opening party & Fiesta del regatista (Club de Mar)
  • 31st July – Crew party (Purobeach Illetas)
  • 2nd August – Club Party (Club de Mar & Piccopalma)
  • 3rd August – Shipowner dinner MAPFRE
  • 4th August – Sotheby’s Mallorca Party
  • 5th August – Trophy hand over

Click here for the full list of events.