Luxury apartments in Mallorca with 360° views in Balear House

If you have already visited Mallorca you will easily understand why so many people want to live here. A sunny weather, dream beaches with crystal clear water, a vibrant nightlife,  a cosmopolitan city like Palma, full of shops and luxury restaurants, spectacular mountain landscapes like the Serra de Tramuntana, many golf courses, cycling and trekking routes and much more!

After reading this, the only doubt you may have is: why haven’t I bought an apartment in Mallorca yet?  Well, before this investment you should take into account the following points:

Choose the best location for your luxury apartment

Although people say that in Mallorca everything is near, each area has got its peculiarities (different climate, atmosphere and distance to the sea). They can make a big difference. In Balearhouse we offer high profile apartments, spread all over the island, so that you can choose the exact place where you want to live.  

Tell us how is your family, your preferences, your needs and lifestyle and we will suggest you the areas of the island that better suit your needs. For example, if you have little children you will probably be interested in having schools or playgrounds on the nearby. If you want to buy an apartment as a second residence for the summer, you will probably be interested in remaining close to the sea. And if you decided to buy an apartment as an inversion, we will advise you.

As mentioned before, the most important is what you need and therefore we adapt our service to your needs. We know Palma very well and we have an interesting assortment of apartments both in central areas and in quiet places, which will also meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Views are better from our apartments. 

Many people believe that in Mallorca the views are always beautiful.  Although the island is actually fascinating, not all the apartments offer the same views as ours. Let’s make an experiment. Imagine an astonishing sunset, with the path of sunlight reflected on a quiet sea. Imagine yourself watching it from a gorgeous balcony. Ready? Now imagine exactly the same sunset, and you watching it through a little window. There’s no comparison, do you agree?

The island looks even more beautiful if you watch it from an equally beautiful place. In other words, Mallorca can be as impressing as the property you live in!  That’s why we say that a luxury apartment must have 360º views. Then, when you will come inside, you will find your home as beautiful as the stunning views you’ve been watching.

In Balearhouse, we select the apartments carefully and keep up to the island’s luxury and beauty.  In addition, we always adapt to our client’s preferences and lifestyle. We offer you a huge range of apartments. So you can choose the one who is really adapted to your requirements.   

In our catalogue you will find all kind of apartments, from the most modern to the most classical ones. Furnished or unfurnished, with or without a chimney, with a pool, with a patio and many other possibilities. And no matter how different they are, all of them have something in common: they are built with the best quality materials.

Balearhouse is not just a real estate

Due to the interest we put when it comes to help our clients, many times the professional relationship becomes a friendship. And it is not unusual that our clients trust us when they need other services such as event planning, boat rental and maintenance.

And that’s why we say Balearhouse is a 360º degree real estate.