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Buy apartments in Majorca

If you are looking to buy a luxury apartment in Mallorca, you are at the right place. At Balearhouse we have an extensive portfolio of apartments in Majorca and Ibiza, and have over 17 years experience in the industry.

We take very seriously the selection of apartments that we offer on our website, so we are sure that if you are looking for a luxury apartment with privileged views or in one of the best areas of the island, you will find it in our catalogue.

You are welcome to visit us, so that we can advise you in the best possible way and help you find an apartment that meets all the luxury and requirements you want.

Luxury apartments in Majorca with 360° views at Balear House

If you have visited Mallorca it is easy to understand why many people want to stay and live on the island. A privileged climate, dream beaches with a crystal clear turquoise waters, a vibrant nightlife, a cosmopolitan city like Palma, full of shops and luxury restaurants, spectacular mountain scenery like the Tramuntana mountain range, many golf courses, many routes designed for both cyclists and walkers, etc.. The attractions of Mallorca are endless.

After reading the previous paragraph the only doubt that should remain is "why haven't I decided to buy an apartment in Mallorca before? Before making such an important investment as the purchase of a property should take into account several important points.

Choose the best location for your luxury apartment

Although in Mallorca it is often said that everything is close by, each region has its own peculiarities (climate, bustling or quieter towns, coastal or inland, etc.), so it is not the same to buy an apartment in one area or another. At Balearhouse we have high standard apartments distributed throughout the Mallorcan geography so you can choose the right place to live in Mallorca.

Tell us about your family, your preferences, needs and lifestyle and we will propose the areas of the island that best fit your style. For example, if you have young children, you will probably be interested in having schools or parks nearby. If you want to buy the apartment as a second summer residence, you may be interested in an area as close to the beach as possible to make the most of the Mallorcan coast. If you have decided to buy an apartment as an investment, we will advise you in a professional way.

As we have already said, the most important thing is what you need and that is why we will adapt to meet your needs. We know the island of Mallorca like the back of our hand and we have an interesting selection of apartments both in central areas and in more isolated and idyllic places that will surely satisfy the needs of the most demanding buyers.

The views are better from our apartments in Majorca

First of all, one should not make the mistake of believing that all the sights on Mallorca are beautiful. The island has an undeniable beauty, that is true, but not from many apartments you can enjoy such breathtaking views as from ours.

Let's give it a try: Imagine a beautiful sunset, with the orange sunshine reflection over a peaceful sea; visualize yourself contemplating it from a wonderful terrace, already? Well, now imagine that same sunset, but seen through a tiny window, isn't there a point of comparison?

In addition, the island gains in beauty if the place from where it is contemplated equals in luxury. Mallorca is as beautiful as the house in which you live. This is why an authentic luxury apartment must have equally beautiful 360° views, and when we stop looking out, our house does not detract from what we see outside.

At Balearhouse we select the apartments from our catalogue with the greatest care and they are at the height of the beauty and luxury of the island. In addition, we always bear in mind that the most important thing is to adapt to the tastes and lifestyle of the client, so we have a variety of luxury apartments for you to choose the one that feels like a ring to the finger.

In our catalogue you will find apartments of all types, from more modern, with innovative open designs, to more classic, timeless elegance. With a larger or smaller number of rooms so you can choose the size that best suits your needs. And countless other possibilities: furnished or not, with or without fireplace, with or without swimming pool and patio, and so on. There is one thing that is the same in all our apartments, and that is that they are all built with top quality materials.

Balearhouse is not only a real estate agency

Due to the interest and personal implication that we put at the time of helping our clients to find the apartment of their dreams, many times the professional relation ends up becoming a very important one.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying an apartment in Majorca

  • Why choose Majorca to buy a luxury apartment?

    The reasons why you should choose Mallorca to buy a luxury apartment are endless. The island has many attractions that make it one of the best places to live. A privileged climate, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, a historic capital such as Palma de Mallorca, a vibrant nightlife and a wide range of leisure, gastronomy and shops make Mallorca the ideal place to buy your apartment.

  • What should I take into consideration before buying a luxury apartment in Majorca?

    Before going into the process of buying a high standing apartment in Mallorca, we recommend that you try to visualize well an apartment with the requirements you are looking for (dimensions, number of rooms and bathrooms, with or without terrace, location, etc.). For this, there is nothing more advisable than to have a real estate advisor experienced in selling apartments on the island

  • What is the best area in Majorca to buy a luxury apartment?

    Without a doubt, choosing the right location where you are going to buy your luxury apartment is key to making a successful purchase. Mallorca offers several exclusive areas that can be a very good option, such as Andratx, Sóller, the old town of Palma, Deià or Son Vida. Even so, you should know that you will also find luxury apartments in many other areas of the island, whether in inland or coastal municipalities.

  • What kind of apartments can I find in Majorca?

    When you think of a luxury apartment, we don't all have the same image in mind. Apartments with terrace and garden, apartments with sea or mountain views, apartments in the city or in an indoor village, apartments with private swimming pool. Whatever type of high-end apartment you have in mind, in Mallorca you can find what you are looking for.

  • What is the price of an apartment in Majorca?

    The price of a luxury apartment in Mallorca will depend, on the one hand, on the area you are looking for; and on the other, on the type of apartment (number of rooms, dimensions, terrace, swimming pool, etc.) On the island you will find luxury apartments at all prices, from €300,000 to €3,000,000.

  • Where can I find a luxury apartment in Majorca with sea views?

    If something is not missing in Mallorca are areas with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea. The more than 500km of coastline surrounding the island will allow you to find a luxury apartment with beautiful sea views. Among the most recommended areas are the Port of Andratx or the Port of Sóller.