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The essence of Balearhouse

The Balearhouse service is a result of the combined efforts of our international team and the rich experience we have in real estate. For more than 20 years we have continued to learn and improve which has resulted in our outstanding reputation in the Mallorca property scene.

We are a professional, dedicated and trustworthy real estate brand that works hard every day to offer you a complete and bespoke service with the maximum guarantees. We strive not only to meet but exceed your expectations.

We put the same interest, attention and care into each project we undertake. We develop a close relationship with our client and are committed to achieving their goal.

In our opinion, true luxury is the satisfaction of a job well done.

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We are an exclusive real estate consulting company


Our values

The foundations for our existence are based on honesty and trust. These two core values are behind everything we do.

We advise you in a clear and sincere way of all the details concerning your transaction. We anticipate and expose anything that we feel will have a negative effect on your property decisions, well-being and quality of life. Building a open relationship with you, our client, is critical in order for us to do our job well.

In Balearhouse we remain flexible and reliable until your property is sold or your dream home is purchased. In this way, with Balearhouse, trust and results go hand in hand.

We move with the times and are inspired by the concepts of "mobility" and "connectivity" which form essential parts of todays way of life. We value your time yet understand you also need to be informed of changes and advancements in the property process. We balance this well and our clients appreciate this side to our business.





Our dedication to you goes beyond the Balearhouse team. We can offer you a comprehensive service from start to finish. We have developed a large network of reliable and professional experts in Mallorca capable of providing you with all the necessary support to shape your dream including but not limited to lawyers and notaries, architects, construction companies or interior design studios.

In addition, we can share with you our personal list of preferred trustworthy companies and professionals that provide exceptional service whether you are looking for a chef, domestic staff, house/garden maintenance or even boat rental.