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Buy one of our dream villas in Majorca

When we think of Mallorca, what immediately comes to our minds is a “paradise on Earth”. Thus, we can find many people who consider buying a villa in the island. They want to be able to enjoy it all year long.

However, buying a property is not easy at all. Sometimes, it can even become a nightmare.  That’s the reason why being advised by professionals is so important.  In Balearhouse we know that every single dream is unique and we put the best professionals at your disposal.  They will help you achieve your dream house.

If you are thinking of buying a villa on the island of Mallorca, you have come to the right place. Balearhouse offers you an extensive offer with the best luxury villas for sale in Majorca.

On our website you will find incredible luxury villas Majorca that meet your requirements and others that will take your breath away. In them, you will be able to enjoy the luxury and tranquillity you desire, as well as enjoy the privileged Mediterranean climate thanks to the large outdoor spaces.

Why a villa and not an apartment? 

Of course, you are the only one who knows what you really want.  However, as soon as you discover Mallorca’s peculiarities, perhaps you will change your mind.

A very important issue, which usually contrasts with our habits, is the size of the island. Everything is near in Mallorca. So buying a villa doesn’t mean saying goodbye to urban life, or spending a whole hour in the car every time we want to go shopping.

Another important issue when we consider buying a villa in Mallorca is the price. However, due to the current situation, the best time to buy a villa under the best conditions is now.

And we can’t forget that, thanks to the little size of the island and to the construction limitations, the purchase is an investment that will be revalued over the years. Many people want to live in Paradise, but there isn’t enough room. So, every time it gets more difficult to achieve it!

Moreover, you should consider these questions: Is tranquility really important for me? Do I have a big family or do I organize big parties? Do I love nature and fresh air?  Is having ground and a swimming-pool essential for me?

 All these questions can help you decide if buying a villa is the best option for you. No matter how wonderful an apartment is (and, as you can see in our website, there are plenty of them), a villa will always offer you more feeling of amplitude. And, if you have children, in a villa they will be able to play and enjoy much more.

Steps to buy a villa in Majorca 

First and foremost: Try to imagine the villa of your dreams. The features it should have, where it should be placed (Northern and Southern Majorca haven’t got the same climate, for example), its price and its features according to your lifestyle and your transport needs. Once you know exactly what you want, it will be easier for us to help you!

Secondly: Let a professional team advice you. In Balearhouse we offer our 17 years of experience helping people find the house of their dreams. We guide you during all the purchase process until your dream is fulfilled.

If you are not resident in the Balearics, you can count on us for your properties’ maintenance and repairs. This way, when you will come to Mallorca, you will just need to worry about enjoying your villa and the island.

Don’t forget that, apart from the price of your villa, you will have to pay some taxes and the registration and notary fees. But don’t worry. In Balearhouse we will keep you informed about every single formality and step you need to take to buy your villa without any unpleasant surprises.

 And last but not least: Get ready to enjoy your luxury villa, your little Paradise in Mallorca!

Frequently Asked Questions about buying a villa in Mallorca

  • Why choose Mallorca to buy a villa?

    Mallorca is a paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. Its climate; its coastal, inland and mountain landscapes; its white sandy beaches and crystalline turquoise waters; its residents; its gastronomy and its wide range of services; make that only a few places in the world can compete with it. That is why, undoubtedly, Mallorca is the perfect place to buy a villa and enjoy everything that the island has to offer in a privileged way.

  • What should I take into consideration before buying a villa in Mallorca?

    Buying a villa in Mallorca is not something you do several times in your life. That's why it's vitally important that when you go into such an important purchasing process, you visualise well the villa in Mallorca that you've been dreaming about for some time. Focus on the requirements you are looking for (size, number of rooms and bathrooms, dimensions of the terrace and garden, outdoor swimming pool, location, views, etc.) and consult with a real estate agent experienced in selling villas in Mallorca.

  • What is the best area in Mallorca to buy a luxury villa?

    A villa cannot be located anywhere; a luxury villa, even less so. That's why the location you choose to buy a villa in Mallorca is the key to making a totally satisfactory purchase. Mallorca offers you several exclusive areas that can be a very good option, such as Andratx, Sóller, Deià or Son Vida. Even so, you should know that you will also find villas in many other areas of the island, whether in inland or coastal municipalities.

  • What kind of villas can I find in Mallorca?

    When you think of a villa, we don't all have the same image in mind: Villas with terrace and garden, villas with sea views, villas in the mountains, on the beach or in the countryside, villas in an indoor village or villas with swimming pool. Whatever type of villa you have in mind, in Mallorca you can find what you are looking for.

  • What is the price of a villa on the island of Mallorca?

    The price of a luxury villa in Mallorca will depend, on the one hand, on the area you are looking for and, on the other hand, on the type of villa (size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of terrace and garden, outdoor swimming pool, location, views, etc.). On the island you will find villas of all prices, from 15,000,000€ to 1,500,000€.

  • Where can I find a luxury villa in Mallorca with sea views?

    If something is not missing in Mallorca are areas with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea. The more than 500km of coastline surrounding the island will allow you to find a luxury villa with beautiful sea views. Among the coastal areas most recommended for buying a villa with sea views are Puerto de Andratx or Puerto de Sóller.