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Important keys that we at Balearhouse take into account when listing your property for sale in Mallorca.

BALEARHOUSE / 23 March, 2023

Important keys that we at Balearhouse take into account when listing your property for sale in Mallorca.

Have you decided to sell your property in Mallorca and you are trying to sell it, do you want to achieve the best possible impact in order to sell sooner and at the best price?

The key is in the agency you choose.

As rational beings that we are, we reason each of our decisions in a coherent way, analysing and taking into account all the pros and cons involved in this decision.

But the reality is that when we are faced with the decision to put our house, flat or any other type of property up for sale, many of us, as owners, are not aware of everything that is involved in this buying and selling process from start to finish; from the moment the decision to sell the property is taken until the closing of the operation at the notary's office with the signing of the title deeds and handing over of the keys.

For this reason we want to convey to the owner that the work of selling and after-sales of a house is a complicated job and that at Balearhouse we have the resources, time and knowledge necessary for the closing of the transaction to be a success. 

It is not enough to simply publish a property on the internet at a price and sit back and wait, selling a house goes much further than that. In fact, many homeowners are surprised when we inform them that the price that is set, although it is a very important factor, is not the determining factor in closing a transaction, as many other factors come into play that, together with the price, will give "value" to the house, that is, the benefit that the buyer will obtain by buying it. Based on all this, the negotiation of the price of the property can also be very hard. Potential clients will always try to negotiate the price and we, as professional real estate advisors, have the experience and knowledge to combat the different arguments of the client so that they end up buying at the established price.

At Balearhouse we listen to you and inform you step by step of our working methodology to sell your house.

With our complete valuation methods and the experience that backs us up, we make an on-site visit to your home and an honest assessment of the price we know will sell your house, then you decide.

As an important point to bear in mind, we would like to mention the emotional component that is often involved in the sale of a property. 

Emotions are a key factor as a house is not only a private physical space where we have spent basic moments of our lives, but also where our memories have been forged over the years and this emotional link can be very strong. We take this into account and we are committed to advising you in order to set the best market price and avoid emotional mistakes. 

Next, we explain the necessary documentation to sell your property and we start with the sale plan providing everything you need for the process.

1-Sales order

2-Photographic report with photographs that make you fall in love with your new home

3- Matterport and texts that trigger the emotional part of the buying process.

4-We inform you about the set of actions and all the resources we use for the staging of your home. We develop marketing actions aimed at the right audience and give you maximum visibility in all the digital and advertising media available to us.

5-We also know many potential buyers who we look after in the same way as the owners, making sure we find the ideal home that meets all their expectations.

6- We also work with an important network of collaborators that will multiply the chances of selling your property. 

7-We prepare the visits with the clients and we make a detailed follow-up of each one of them. 

8-We draw up the necessary contracts and assist in the execution of the title deeds.

A whole marketing plan that Balearhouse sets out and that we will be happy to explain to you in detail.


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