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5 advantages and benefits of the purchase of a property with Smart Home Technology


5 advantages and benefits of the purchase of a property with Smart Home Technology

The automatisation of the living space; intelligent technique increases our well-being at the touch of a button.

We from Balearhouse are aware of the significance to transform our property in Mallorca into an intelligent home. The technique noticeably improves our quality of life. Regardless of our own location, via our smartphone or tablet we retain control of our home.

The Smart-Home Technology changes our possibilities thoroughly. We check and regulate what is happening inside our home, even if we are far away from the island.

Smart-Home Technology is a global trend and will become more important in the future. According to a number of estimates, in 2020 50 million households will be controlled by connected devices. The technology enables to undertake a wide range of tasks inside the home. This large spectrum of opportunities show that it is not merely temporary trends, but can no longer be removed from our lives. While enhancing the sense of security, our electricity bill will be reduced by 10-40%.

Living more intelligently

When we arrive at home, automatically the outdoor lighting switches on, the alarm system disconnects itself, the doors open by itself and the room temperature is raising to the desired temperature. When leaving the house, lights and heatings switch off, keys become redundant. These are only some of the many advantages enabled by technology, but they give a preview of how technology can be used in order to increase our well-being and comfort.

How does the Smart-Home technology work?

The different devices are wirelessly connected with a control centre, in which the different systems are linked to one another. Commands are sent to the respective unit in order to cause a certain action, that increases our safety and comfort.

There are many reasons for the acquisition of a property with intelligent property on Mallorca.

- Although the owner of the property is naturally the main beneficiary, the installation simplifies the work of the architect, because important questions about design, illumination and comfort can be treated differently. This leads to an easier and therefore reduced project lead time.

- An increase of security of homes is another essential aspect in favour of Smart-Home Technology. Via the Smartphone or tablet we keep control about whether at home everything is in good order and if that is not the case, it enables immediate action. Houses with Smart-Home Technology are prepared for all eventualities.

- Through intelligent technology, energy costs are cut, because the energy is programmed to be applied more efficently. The savings of different resources like water, electricity and natural gas can be seen on the monthly bills. The Smart-Home technology organises the air-conditioning according to a timetable, programmes the devices to a low power consumption and controls the artificial lighting with regards to the natural light. In this way we contribute to the protection of the environment.

- Our quality of life and comfort increase considerably through a simplification and an automation of daily processes. Controllable via our smartphone and tablet, we are able to switch on the heating or the air conditioning just before we arrive at home, we are able to close the windows when it suddenly starts raining. Households with children or elderly people can benefit from Smart-Home technology, as it increases safety and helps to live in a more carefree manner.

- The installation does not require any elaborated renovations, the installation is uncomplicated and the installers based on Mallorca are able to convert an already existing house into a Smart Home. Besides, the actual house technic is based on the development of wireless devices, which makes it easy to include them into the system.

Is a property with Smart-Home Technology equivalent to a luxury property?

The idea that properties with Smart-Home technology are solely exclusive and therefore only accessible by a small group of solvent persons, is incorrect. In Mallorca, there is a growing number of properties with Smart-Home technology, so that prices and dimensions of the technology can adapt to one´s personal wishes. Without any doubt, the Smart-Home technology currently is one of the most attractive and strongest sectors. Continously there are new innovations and improvements in the market.

If the idea of a home with Smart-Home technology is interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to get to know you and present you a fine selection of properties with Smart-Home technology.


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